Glimpse by Jane Higgins


Glimpse is a high action, standalone young adult dystopian novel, from Text prize-winning fantasy author Jane Higgins.

The city authorities have abandoned the D-Zone as damaged beyond repair. It’s a no-go area where ongoing earthquakes threaten to destroy what’s left. But Jonah and Bas and everyone else trying to survive in the devastation there can’t leave-they’re ‘illegals’, without citizenship, without rights.

Jonah can see the quakes-before the ground shudders and grinds, before the buildings fall. Glimpsing is a rare ability and a great survival asset. It has attracted the attention of the entertainment company GlimpseCorp and the cult movement People for a New Nation. Both are desperate to control and cash in on this remarkable power.

When Bas joins People for a New Nation and disappears, Jonah knows his friend is in great danger. And he knows that GlimpseCorp, with its reality TV program, offers a way to save him-and a way to bring new hope to the people of the D-Zone.

But Jonah’s plan puts everything, including his own life, at risk.

Glimpse is a compelling adventure, an intriguing story of conflict, power, manipulation, love and friendship, set in richly imagined world that is in many ways very much like our own.