Good Me, Bad Me, Forgive Me by Ali Land


Our Review…
What happens if you both love and loathe your mother? Annie's mother is a kind, levelheaded nurse, but she is also a serial killer. Winning over abused mother’s trust in the hospital where she works, she has stolen nine children over ten years and the tally is escalating. With her daughter Annie about to turn sixteen, she has promised her a special treat. Terrified Annie turns her beloved mother into the police. But this is just the start of her troubles. With the shadow of her mother haunting her, her new identity not sitting easily in her skin and the trial awaiting, she wonders if she too has the gene to commit horrendous crimes. Penned by a Child and Adolescent Mental Heath Nurse, this novel resonates with authencity. Predicted to be our thriller of this Summer.
Review By Nicole @ Great Escape Books