Great Bookclub Read…Lullaby by Leila Slimani. Translated from French by Sam Taylor


Our Review…This slender novel is a brilliantly claustrophobic study of class and family dynamics that would be a perfect discussion for book clubs.
Myriam and Paul, both professionals, are the parents of two young privileged children. Living in Paris Myriam decides to resume her career as a criminal defines lawyer -ironically. They unexpectedly find the perfect nanny in Louise. She immediately impresses them by not only turning the children’s behaviour around -it was atrocious, but also she reorganises their apartment, whips up divine dinners for their friends, she even sews. Myriam and Paul cannot believe their luck, but neither could anticipate the enormous cost as they start to take her grace and help for granted.
Based on a true story of a horrendous double murder committed in 2012, this a cautionary tale of double edged sword of class and privilege. An amazing read.
Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books