Greg Chappell: Not Out From India to Ball Tampering to Australian Cricket’s Future by Greg Chappell (Hardback)


Greg Chappell: Not Out brings his many years of experience to the fore to discuss Australia’s favourite sport from all angles, including scandals, mental skills, and the future of the game.

Greg Chappell’s retirement as a cricketer was the conventional end of a great sporting career. But it was only the start of an equally lively journey. An original thinker and a peerless judge of talent, Chappell commands respect and is widely sought after for his views on all things cricket. He has seldom been away from the thick of it. Here, he tells all.

Forty years since the underarm, Chappell takes us inside the secretive world of selection. He tells the story of Twenty20’s forerunner Super 8s, and reveals his insights from an eventful stint as coach of India. He speaks frankly on a decade at Cricket Australia, including warning signs he saw ahead of the Newlands scandal, and calls for greater focus on the game’s mental skills. Chappell also unveils a blueprint for the future of Australian cricket. He argues forcefully that the game has drifted too far from the type of lean, hungry system that helped to take the national team to the top.

Greg Chappell: Not Out is a uniquely insightful and entertaining look at cricket, and a must-read for all fans of the sport.