Growing Up Disabled in Australia by Carly Findlay – Our Review


Our Review…

In Australia, one in five people have a disability. Disability presents itself in many different ways, with lived experience in disability grossly underrepresented in literature, theatre, politics and society at large.

Growing Up Disabled in Australia edited by Carly Findlay is a remarkable collection of own voices stories, the fifth book in the series Growing Up, and just like the other books, this is another must read.

With over 40 contributions by writers with a chronic illness or disability, the brilliant book is made up of powerful experience-based story, poetry and graphic illustration.

This book is a poignant and powerful exploration of what it is like as a person with a disability to grow up in Australia, with each writer telling their own story in their own terms.

An anthology by a group of people that have been systemically marginalised it finally brings a voice to individuals and the collective, a book that everyone should read.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books