Growing Up Torres Strait Islander in Australia: A Groundbreaking Collection of Torres Strait Islander Voices, Past and Present Edited by Samantha Faulkner – Our Review


Our Review…

The Growing Up in Australia series is a truly extraordinary collection, and the latest edition, Growing up Torres Strait Islander in Australia is no exception.
Filled with personal stories, deeply authentic and rich tales of growing up within this cultural landscape makes for an essential read.
As with each edition, I savour the chapters, and break up my reading. Only allowing myself to read one at a time, giving time for each perspective to truly soak in. Giving each story the space and time it deserves.
The Torres Strait Islander perspective is one that is a little-known voice, with a real lack of representation leaving us worse off which makes this anthology all the more significant.
With tales of family, culture, and upbringing the experiences and stories recounted are powerful and profound. Filled with depth and rich with learning for all who take the time, this is a book that portrays the distinct identity of the Torres Strait Islander people.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books