Grown Ups By Marian Keyes – Our Review


Our Review:
Johnny Casey and his two brothers Ed and Liam along with their wives and their children are one big happy family, or so it would seem…

Anniversaries, birthdays, parties, weekends away and lavish holidays are all part of the picturesque lifestyle. Gatherings are always loud, filled with fun and adventures and sprinkled with the merriness that a good bottle of champagne brings.

From the outset, this close knit tribe have it all.

Yet, when Ed’s wife Cara suffers an awful concussion, she bares all. Every single one of the family secrets comes crashing out into the ensuing family fanfare.

The truth is some family members clash, some are closer than anyone could imagine and some aren’t as amazing as their ego would lead them to believe.

This book is a pure delight, it’s juicy and filled with drama, it’s relatable and absolutely hilarious throughout. A wonderful depiction of the intricacies of family, and the messiness that we hide from others.

A perfect rainy day read, or a gift for Mum.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books