Gus and the Starlight by Victoria Carless – Our Review


Our Review…

A truly breathtaking book for middle readers about friendship and finding your home in the midst of the chaos.

In the middle of the night, Gus, flees with her Mum and siblings off into the unknown. At eleven, going on twelve, no matter how many times they pack up and move, Gus feels it deeply within herself.

Vowing never to make friends, so she never has to say goodbye, Gus is wise beyond her years and is such a beautiful character in the book.

Arriving at a once thriving drive in movie theatre, the family are given the task of reviving the relic.

Along the way, we uncover truths about Gus and her family, about life and the way that magic and mess can exist side by side.

A really special book, emotionally intelligent and thoughtful, this would be a really great book to read with your child to discuss together.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books