Half Life by Jillian Cantor – Our Review


Our Review…

Half Life by Jillian Cantor is a remarkable book that is both an historical and fictional book, as it describes two vastly alternative life accounts of the incredible Marie Curie.

In one account the author describes the fascinating and inspiring real life of the ground breaking physicist. While, in the alternative account, we read about a life that could have been if Marie Curie had chosen a different path.

In Poland, 1891 a heartbroken Marie Curie, then known as Marya Sklodowska was madly in love and engaged to an up and coming mathematician Kazimierz Zorawski. But his family disapprove of their union due the belief that she is too poor and not worthy enough to marry their son, causing Kazimierz to end the relationship and a devastated Marie to flee to Paris.

As we know, in time Marie Curie would become an outstanding scientist and the first ever woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize.

But what if she had made a different choice?

What if the couple had defied family expectations and married, going on to have a family but for Marie to never make the ground breaking discoveries in world of science?

In this fascinating book of intertwined stories, we explore love, loss, familial expectations, gender equality and the what ifs. A truly unique book that will have you inspired and challenged by the way life plays out, both in history and personally.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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