Happy (and other ridiculous aspirations) by Turia Pitt – Our Review


Our Review…

Happy and other Ridiculous Aspirations by Turia Pitt is a wonderful addition to her previous books.

The book is filled with an incredible collection of Turia’s own personal stories and experiences, interviews with other inspirational individuals and all of this is backed up brilliantly by the input of the world class research on happiness.

Written in the year of Covid 19, the book is authentic and raw, it isn’t a series of cliché quotes that instantly bring life long happiness to your otherwise ordinary life.

The book acknowledges the struggles of every day life by someone who has encountered more than her fair share of hardship, and poses practical advice on how to be content and find freedom in your life, starting right where you are.

Each chapter would make a magnificent journaling opportunity to stop and reflect on your own experience.

This is a book that will really make you stop and reflect, and to take on board just one of Turia’s personal practices would equal a more fulfilling 2021.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books