Heartland: What is the future of modern love? by Jennifer Pinkerton – Our Review


Our Review…

This is a fascinating delve into what love, romance and dating looks like today. Focusing mostly on the experiences of Gen Z and Millennials but seen through the eyes of the author who is just old enough to have missed most of this big cultural shift. Here we get a close-up on the lives of a diverse collection of people, hearing about their values, preferences, and anxieties within their dating lives. Jennifer Pinkerton unpacks the psychology behind new trends such as the growing preference for casual hook-ups over long term commitment, use of dating apps and pornography as she tries to understand how they have changed young people’s expectations of sex and relationships.

If you are past your dating life, then this book will be a brilliant insight into what it’s like for your children, friends or colleagues who are dating in the current day. If you are single (or not) and ready to mingle, then this will be a great resource for what the landscape looks like today. Steeped in research and conversations with psychologists, sexologists and relationship counsellors, it paints a very full picture of today’s dating climate.

Review by Belinda @ Great Escape Books