Her by Garry Disher (REVIEW)


Our Review:
Her by Garry Disher
Her is set in the bush near Bendigo in Victoria between 1909 and 1919 and is told from the perspective of You, a three-year-old girl who is bought from her family, for nine shillings and sixpence by a travelling scrap man. You never remembers her real name and is only ever addressed by the scrap man as “You”. Along with the scrap man’s Wife and other “daughter”, Big Girl, You becomes part of the scrap man’s family. Her days consist of doing the work that the scrap man demands, trapping rabbits, scavenging for food and money and constantly suffering from near starvation and beatings from the evil scrap man. You’s thoughts are constantly on running away but she is reluctant to leave, especially when a daughter is born to Big Girl and You is overcome with a powerful and protective love for her little sister. Throughout this moving, powerful story there is the ever present backdrop of war, poverty and influenza and the darker side of Australia’s past is shown. The unforgettable characters will stay with me for a very long time, especially You and her younger sister. Highly recommended. Review by Jenny @ Great Escape Books.