How to Heal Yourself from Depression by Amy B. Scher


If you’ve done everything to heal from depression but are still stuck, you aren’t alone. Even if you’ve done all the right things—seen great therapists, taken medications, changed your lifestyle—it may not be enough. Before you decide that the best you can hope for is to learn how to live with depression, Amy B. Scher has an important message: you can reconnect with your inner self and lead a joyful life again.

Scher’s bestselling How to Heal series has been endorsed by prominent physicians and helped thousands of people recover from chronic illness, emotional challenges, and more. With How to Heal Yourself from Depression When No One Else Can, she brings her proven approach of using energy therapy for releasing emotional stress and trauma to one of the most widespread mental health challenges of our time. Scher has proven that working with the body’s energy system for deep transformation is often effective when nothing else works—the missing link between treating symptoms and getting to the root cause of illness.