I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes


Our Review: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
Can a person possibly commit the perfect crime? From the first, seemingly-perfect murder, I Am Pilgrim is an unstoppable thrill-ride deep into the world of international espionage and terrorism. Once an adopted son of a wealthy family, ‘Pilgrim’ is the codename for a faceless man who doesn’t exist. Once a top field agent, he purposefully vanishes off the face of the planet after writing an obscure book under a pseudonym about the forensic background to the perfect crime- his final memoir.   Unbeknown to him, the book falls into hands of a brilliant young woman who commits an unspeakable murder in New York; erasing the features of a person in a bath of acid, pulling their teeth and deleting their fingerprints.
On the other side of the globe, a young boy in Saudi Arabia witnesses his gentle intellectual father’s public beheading and swears vengeance on the Saudi royal family and all who uphold it’s callous regime, including America. This is the birth of a terrorist called Saracen, a fundamentalist Islamic loner with the medical knowledge to wipe life off a continent.  These two seemingly unrelated events lead Pilgrim on an epic journey from France to Mecca, the deserted ruins in Turkey,  to the wilds of the Hindu Kush in Afghanistan to stop another perfect crime, that in the eyes of its perpetrator is an act of God. Superbly plotted, this wild thriller will leave you guessing to the cataclysmic end.
Terry Hayes began his career as a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald, when as foreign correspondent in the US he covered Watergate and the resignation of President Nixon.  He became a successful screenwriter –  having written over 20 screenplays including Mad Max 2, Dead Calm, Bangkok Hilton, Payback & many more.

Review by Nicole Maher @ Great Escape Books