I Shot the Devil by Ruth McIver – Our Review


Our Review…

‘I Shot The Devil’ by Ruth McIvor is an engaging thriller and as far as crime novels go it is a brilliant read, but where it really stands out is the emotional pull of the characters and the depth of the story.

Erin Sloane is a journalist who has been tasked, almost twenty years after the fact to investigate the Southport murders. At the time, five young people went into the woods but only three made it out, but when a local youth was charged at the time the case was swiftly closed.

Yet, many years after the fact Erin is desperately digging to discover where the truth really lies and who is involved. You see, it wasn’t just anybody who wandered into those woods and never made it out… it was Erin’s friends.

Deep in darkness, drunkenness and pills, Erin is uncovering a complex web of suspicion and finds herself endangered as she desperately needs to uncover the terrible truth.

A cavernous winding maze, of people, places and the past.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books