I Will Die in a Foreign Land by Kalani Pickhart – Our Review


Our Review…
This hauntingly beautiful work of historical fiction is woven around the real-life 2014- 15 protests in Ukraine, which lead to the toppling of the loathed pro-Putin President, Victor Yanukovych.

Over the Kyiv winter we follow the interlocking stories of four incredible characters over the course of the civil uprising … our novel opens with Katya, a young American – Ukrainian doctor stationed in a thrown-together ground-zero hospital in the old St. Michael’s Monastery.
Misha, an engineer, who has lived in Kyiv since his wife’s death from radiation sickness from the Chernobyl reactor. Slava a fierce young activist with a frightening backstory, and Aleksandr Ivanovich, an injured elderly gentleman and a possibly former KGB agent who clambers atop a burned-out police bus each day and brings a little magic to the world as he plays the piano.

There are so many layers to this novel. As Katya, Misha, Slava, and Aleksandr’s lives become intertwined, we not only begin to gain an inkling of insight into this tumultuous and violent period, but also the length of the intergenerational conflict that the Ukrainians have had to endure. This current war, is one of many periods of violent unrest they have endured in at least the last 100 years.

Heart stopping, this is a novel of great tenderness and empathy, resilience and the quiet determination you endure in a time of great terror. An incredibly insightful and truely wondrous read.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books

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