2022 Indie Shortlisted and ABIA Longlisted- If Not Us by Mark Smith – Signed Editions. Our Review…


Our Review…
Mark Smith’s new stand-alone novel If Not Us is a shout from the youth of today to take action. Hesse loves to surf. He lives in a coastal town, busy with the weekenders from the city and quiet during the week. He has lost his dad at an early age in a freak surfing incident and now it’s just his mum, a local nurse and him. His biggest problem is finding a great wave and coping with the local bruising bully in the water.

That is until he overhears about the dirty politics and illnesses plaguing the township when he sits in on one of his mum’s environmental action group evenings. When he then meets (and falls for) Fenna, an international exchange student, his eyes are opened to mounting global issues outside of his small sphere of friends and school.

If Not Us is a call to action, but also a love story, as well as joyous story of youth and change, and of course a homage to the wonder and might of the sea. It moves with Mark’s trademark breakneck pacing and speed, and will delight his large fellowship of readers who have been waiting eagerly for a new novel since The Road to Winter Trilogy. An absolute winner, great for any age, but perfect for 14 plus.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books