I’m A Nipper Now by Sally Cordner and Illustrated by Lucy Simms (Hardback)


A perfect introduction for every new Nipper!

Keeping beaches safe for people to enjoy is so important for all Australians. Nipper programs can be seen on beaches right across our country. Nippers today are going to be our surf life savers of the future! Nippers is fun! It is a time to meet new friends, learn about community values and develop beach awareness to keep you safe in and out of the water. ‘I’m a Nipper Now’ is based on real life characters, six friends who meet on their first day of Nippers.

Mea is scared and not sure she wants to go to Nippers, but her new friends make her smile. There is nothing better than a day at the beach! This wasn’t just any normal first day of Nippers for Mea and her friends, someone was in trouble in the water! Mea knew that a lifesaver was needed very quickly, the boy was drowning! A real life beach rescue was happening in front of the Nippers’ eyes as they set out on their journey of a lifetime into surf lifesaving!

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