In The Clearing by J.P Pomare- Our Review


Our Review

In The Clearing is a riveting psychological thriller by JP Pomare, the author of one of last year’s favourite books ‘Call Me Evie’.

The “Clearing” is a residential community of secrecy and isolation, filled with rules and regulations and completely shut off from the outside world.

This life, is the only one that Amy has known and she is deeply immersed into the deep underworld of control. When a new girl joins the group, things begin to unravel for Amy as she wrestles with her own identity and her future.

Freya, has carefully constructed a life that is the epitome of normal to the onlooker. Just another school Mum going through the motions of everyday life, until someone from Freya’s past returns, and gloriously crashes into her haven.

In The Clearing is unstoppable.
The book is a magnificent mystery of smashing secrets, power and mastery. It’s frantic, and enchanting and had me completely sucked in!

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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