Island by Tea Obreht- Our Review


Orange prize winner for ‘The Tigers Wife’, this vividly imaginative author takes us on saga through the lawless, savage Arizona Territory. Like her other books there are otherworldly shadows of people or connections that follow some of the characters, influencing their choices.

Nora, a strong woman trying to keep her husband and sons close in a wild world with almost no law and temptations to lead them astray. Because of the promise of land, riches and a new start in life away from the cities many different races and cultures come together including camels and Arabs, giving the Mexicans and Native Indians something to fear.

Relationships so hard to maintain and even romance must take a back seat, a missing husband, water scarce and fear of strangers who mean harm. An indictment to the struggle of frontier women and testament to love, loyalty and the memories that shape and never leave us, choosing our destinies and travelling with us on the journey. A glimpse of Arizona in 1893, compelling read, loved it.

Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books