Kid’s Guide to Dogs: How to Train, Care for, and Play and Communicate with Your Amazing Pet! by Arden Moore


This lively dog care book, specially written for kids aged 8 and up, is packed with photos and colorful illustrations that teach training, care, health, and safety, along with hands-on activities promoting play and bonding with canine companions. This fun and informative book gives young pet owners the canine know-how they need to make having a dog a positive experience for all – pup, kids, and parents alike! A Kid’s Guide to Dogs delivers the basics of caring for and training a dog to develop good canine habits with humour and creativity. In addition to learning about dog health and preparing for the arrival of a new dog at home, kids will discover fascinating tips on decoding a dog’s body language and how to teach a dog simple tricks.

Full of colourful photos and illustrations, the book features easy crafts for making a dog bed, a doggy pinata, and toys; and offers dozens of ideas for getting both kids and dogs active, with indoor and outdoor games, hiking, swimming, and even a dog party with special treats kids can make themselves. Animal behaviour consultant Arden Moore brings her expertise and years of sharing her pet knowledge with audiences on radio, television, and in live talks and award-winning books to this kid-geared guide. Whether the dog is new to the household or a long-time family member, this is the perfect resource for getting kids to take more responsibility – and have more fun – as dog owners.

AGES: 8 to 12 AUTHOR: Arden Moore is the author of more than two dozen books on cats and dogs, including The Cat Behavior Answer Book, The Dog Behavior Answer Book, and Real Food for Dogs. She hosts the award-winning Oh! Behave Show on Pet Life Radio and travels North America teaching pet first aid and pet behaviour classes with her dog, Kona, and cat, Casey. She has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows and is an in-demand speaker at pet conferences.

SELLING POINTS: Features practical care information, training instructions, and bonding activities in a voice and format kids will find engaging and accessible. Arden Moore is an award-winning author and radio show host who is known for her use of humour and fun to teach essential information about pet care. Caring for an animal offers physical and emotional benefits for children, from reduced stress and anxiety to increased time outdoors, and teaches kids responsibility and empathy.