Kindred, A Cradle Mountain Love Story by Kate Legge – Our Review


Our Review…Cradle Mountain is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most breathtaking natural parks. The World Heritage listed landscape attracts over 280,000 adventurers to its peaks every year.

Kindred- A Cradle Mountain Love Story’ by Kate Legge is a luminous account of two remarkable people who created a legacy of environmental preservation, that continues to resound today.

This is the unlikely love story of Botanists, Kate Cowle and Gustav Weindorfer, that despite social expectations fell in love not only with one another but the nature encompassing them.

Both wild at heart, they understood the human spirit’s need to explore, to embrace the wilderness and to escape the rat-race- over a century ago.

This book is scintillating to the senses, the use of reproduced photographs generously spotted throughout the pages adds remarkable life to the reader.

A magnificent read, that will find a prideful home on your coffee table for all to enjoy! Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books