Kip of the Mountain by Emma Gourlay


The astonishing and magical debut novel from Melbourne writer Emma Gourlay


Kip Boowitt is desperate for a best friend. So when she rescues a tiny creature that looks like a kitten but isn’t a kitten, she names him Buffel and loves him with all her heart.

With a distracted dad and mean kids at school, all Kip wants is someone with two ears and time for her. And Buffel is the best listener. But when he’s kidnapped, there is only one thing to do – go from mountain to sea to get him back.

An action-packed fantasy adventure full of heart, from debut author Emma Gourlay.



‘Full of charm, and Kip herself has just the right balance of wit, wildness and wisdom. I laughed in every chapter. It’s the perfect book for big kids with even bigger imaginations.’

 Jack Heath, bestselling author of 300 Minutes of Danger

‘Wildly imaginative and anchored by delightful characters, warmth, humour and powerful truths.’

 Jaclyn Moriarty, award-winning author of The Stolen Prince of Cloudburst (a Kingdoms and Empires book)

Kip of the Mountain is a compelling and heartfelt adventure. Even before I had finished reading the first chapter, I cared so much about Kip; she’s such a quirky and awesome character.’

– Jade Goodwin, bestselling illustrator of the Little Ash series

‘Kip of the Mountain is a hero for the ages. Her story is an action-adventure story with a whole lot of heart and a touch of magic. Kip’s story will stay with me for a long time.’

– Yvette Poshoglian, bestselling author of Dear Greta