Kokomo by Victoria Hannan – Our Review


Our Review…

Mina is in her early thirties living life in London, thriving in her workplace despite being undervalued by her boss she is absolutely brilliant at her job.

Mina has been attracted to Jack, a colleague for what seems like forever. Finally they are about to engage in their first sexual encounter when Mina’s best friend calls to say she must return to Melbourne urgently, her life is about to be truly turned upside down. Talk about timing.

After 11 years of agoraphobia, Elaine her mother has been spotted outside of the house. Mina can’t believe it and returns home immediately in the hope of connecting with her mother and finally pulling down the physical and metaphorical walls that have created an unspeakable barrier between them.

The problem is, even after Mina has flown home from London her mother outright refuses to admit she has left the house let alone engage in a dialogue with her only daughter.

So the two women engage in this uncomfortable, awkward and emotional dance around one another until they can find the words to speak about not just the present but the past too.

What transpires is an incredible book, messy and hard but filled with humour to cut through the tension. Kokomo is a surprising book, a fascinating book about the lives we keep hidden from even our closest family. Written from both Mina and Elaine’s perspective this book is something special and I loved every minute of it.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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