Lazarus by Lars Kepler – Our Review


Our Review…
The seventh book in the series, with our hero Joona Linna fighting evil of an extraordinary savagery. Dark and terrifying, only for true lovers of Scandinavian Noire.

Just as life settles down for Joona and his crack team of special forces a new unsettling killer is very quickly attacking those close to this team, a similar style to his old nemesis Jurek, who is supposedly dead.

No one else shares his theory, and to protect his daughter and himself he goes into hiding in a remote, heavily fortified location – leaving his team to resolve and bring the person in.

Horrific murder after murder brings the circle in smaller as loved ones are buried alive underground with air hoses, sending police into a panic to find them before they perish. Joona realizes he is still in danger and is the only one who can end this. Jurek has survived and the final battle ensues, page turning frenzy.

Took my mind off current dramas and enjoyed the ride, darkest yet, loved it.
Review by Sue @ Great Escape Books