Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam – Our Review


Our Review…

Leave the World Behind is tautly written literary thriller. It’s quite the leap above normal thrillers in that not only is it superbly written, but it also cleverly taps into our subconscious biases on race and privilege.

Meet Amanda and Clay, a middle-class aspirational couple who along with their two teenage children splurge on a luxurious Airbnb home in a remote part of the Hamptons.

They absolutely love the house and spend their first days lounging poolside, eating, drinking, and enjoying each other’s company. Just as they are about to retire to bed there is a knock outside.

At the door is an older black couple, G.H. and Ruth, who assert that this is their country home. They say that there has been a power blackout in New York City. The internet and phone lines are down and as they live in a Manhattan skyscraper…the lifts will be down. They need to move back into their country home.

Amanda and Clay are blindsided…what are they to do? Could this couple possibly own this beautiful home? Are they even who they say they are, or is this the start of some sort of murderous horror story?

Told from multiple perspectives, Leave the World Behind feels very timely in a time of pandemic unease. Suspenseful, it had me completely on the edge of my seat.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books