✭ Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus – Staff Favourite with Review


Our Review…

‘Lessons in Chemistry’ was one of my absolute favourite reads this year! It is absolutely enthralling, filled with so much wit and humour and is a fabulous feminist themed fiction that is clever and quirky.

In the 1960s, chemist Elizabeth Zott is not your regular woman. She is fierce, clever, and far too opinionated. Working for the Hastings Research Institute, Elizabeth is surrounded by men, and despite her intelligence and expertise, every day she fights against the blatant gender inequity of her time.

But there is one man who is unlike the rest in the lab, the lone scientist, Calvin Evans. Soon enough, Calvin falls in love with Elizabeth, as her sheer brilliance draws him in.

Years later, Elizabeth finds herself heartbroken and alone, as a single mother in a world not designed for single women.

Desperate to provide for her daughter, Elizabeth must take any opportunity she can, and she soon becomes the infamous host of a cooking show targeted at stay-at-home Mum’s, ‘Supper at Six’.

Brash, bold, and unable to stay inside the box societal norms have ascribed her, Elizabeth becomes an overnight sensation to her audience and a threat to those who don’t appreciate her challenge to the status quo. Join Elizabeth as she stands up, is unashamedly herself and carves the future for many women who will dare to follow in her footsteps.

Absolutely hilarious and righteously infuriating, this is the best book. Loved every minute of it.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books