Liar’s Test The Silverleaf Chronicles by Ambelin Kwaymullina – Our Review


Our Review…

Bell Silverleaf is a Treesinger. And Treesingers are liars. They have to be, to survive the oppression of the Risen – invaders from lands far away, led by false gods who have no respect for the land and cultures of the Treesinger people. But, for the last four years, Bell has been living at the sun temple, away from her family and her Birth tree. Now, she has been chosen to compete in the Queen’s Test, a set of deadly challenges that will determine who will be the next ruler of the Risen Kingdom. If Bell wins, she will finally have a chance to help her people and get revenge for all that has been taken from them. But the Test is not the biggest of her problems. As she unravels the tangled web of intergenerational lies, Bell realises that she has a part to play in a bigger story, that she must go higher up than the crown to save her people. She must go right to the gods themselves.

Liar’s Test is a must-read Australian fantasy that shows the power of First Nations culture and stories. It is action-filled, spellbinding, unputdownable. It had me hooked from page one and I would recommend it for anyone over 13 who loves fantasy, a bit of mystery and a strong female heroine.

Review by Malia @ Great Escape Books