Light Over Liskeard by Louis de Bernieres – Our Review


Our Review…

Written by the author of the much loved novel, Captain Corelli’s MandolinLight Over Liskeard is set in the near future, this is the story of “Q”, a quantum cryptographer who lives in the near future; of people who are slaves to screens, bots and AI. Q longs for self-sufficiency which he sees as the only way to survive the truly existential threat of the human world as we know it, ending. Q purchases a run down farmhouse and the story unfolds as he rebuilds, with the help of a few eccentric locals.

Not dissimilar to the premise of the Booker Prize winner Prophet Song, De Bernieres novel revolves around the threat of the world as we know it being turned on its head in an instant and what we will do when it inevitably happens. The salient question we are left with is, what is most precious to us in this precarious life and how can we protect that?

Drawing on age-old philosophies exploring the meaning of life and the limits and purpose of human existence, De Bernieres’ novel fits snugly into the de rigueur genre of Dystopian Sci-Fi and will appeal to a wide audience: those who have read the Stoics, or the prescient writing of David Foster Wallace, and those who pondered the moral dilemmas in Ian McEwan’s Machines Like Me.

Review by Katina @ Great Escape Books