Lightning Falls by Amy Wilson


‘Truly the most magical story … iridescent and lyrical and heartwarming’ – Hilary McKay ‘A glitteringly magical adventure’ – Sophie Anderson Lighting Falls is a fantastical story of ghosts and friendship from Amy Wilson, ‘the rising star of children’s fantasy’.

Valerie has been living at Lightning Falls nearly all her life. She’s perfectly happy helping Meg and the rest of the family to haunt the guests who come to stay there at the Ghost House. One night, she sees a strange boy, Joe, up on the viaduct. There she discovers that beneath the river is a bridge – one that will take her to the world of Orbis, which Joe claims is her real home.

A world that is under threat. Their magical anchors are being stolen, causing the power to seep out of their world, and Joe has journeyed to the Ghost House to win them back. Plunged into a dangerous adventure, as the link between the two worlds begins to crumble, Valerie is forced to confront the truth about herself . . .