Lily Harford’s Last Request by Joanna Buckley – Our Review


Our Review…

Lily Hartford is approaching the end of her life, with a number of recent auras into dementia she knows that soon she will be fully encompassed by the heartbreaking memory loss.

So, she has just one request, to die while she still has some semblance of control. But finding a co-conspirator is proving to be a delicate operation for Lily. Told from the perspectives of three women, we become captured by their fascinating experiences and lives as they intermingle throughout the book.

Lily, who has lived an incredible life, forging a notable career for herself and raising a daughter as single mother when it was look on with shame to do so.

Pauline, her daughter, who is caring for everyone around her, and feels stretched out every day at her mountain of responsibility, while she also grieves the decline of her once vibrant and bright Mum.

While, Donna is the nurse aide that cares for her patients, and has a extra special soft spot for Lily. Donna gains great satisfaction in her work, but who’s private life is disappointing and even lonely.

This a beautiful, raw and honest portrayal of the complexity of aging, and is shaped by vulnerability and uncertainty. It is a remarkable example of family and personal relationships that uphold us throughout our life and give us the courage to be ourselves.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books