Little by Edward Carey – Our Review


Our Review…I believed the voice of this narrator from the first page. Written as if told by the woman who later became Madame Tussaud, it’s a story in the old tradition, full of dark and beguiling details from a true teller of tales. Carey lulls us with his poignant storytelling then jolts us with superb precision or dry humour. An example: “Father came in two pieces, which could be fitted together with a little pain.” Another example: “a fond breathless lady with thick arms who adapted herself to any paying occasions.” A rag doll becomes “Miniature cloth boy, secret keeper, small person to be worried over and whispered to.” Because of the strength of the writing, I easily absorbed the vivid historical background of 18th century France, leading us to the totally gripping (true) climax. This story of Mme Tussaud’s life is captivating indeed but the extraordinary mind that conceived, controlled and wrote this odd brilliant book is even more fascinating. I loved it. It’s a keeper.
Review by Andrea @ Great Escape Books