Little Gods by Jenny Ackland


Our Review…
If ever I was going to write a novel, I wish I could write one as powerful as Jenny Ackland’s ‘Little Gods’.
Twelve year old Olive is headstrong and wilful, full of life, energy and questions. Bewildering questions like why is her mother so distant and reserved while her aunts are joyous, why can’t she keep any of the baby animals she rescues from the roadsides, and why are there so many whispers and rumours surrounding her family?
An only child, Olive is fearless, and finds joy in the powerful mess of her mothers extended family, but her digging and questions will uncover a tangled web of secrets that will have tumultuous repercussions not for herself, but for her beloved family and the wider community.
A most marvellous novel, moving, funny and heartbreaking, you will want an Olive in your life. One of my absolute favourite books of 2018. Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books