Liver Better Life by Dr Paul Gow


Can I still eat chocolate and have a healthy liver? What do my swollen ankles have to do with my liver? Fatty liver disease is real, it’s super common, and it can progress to cirrhosis or liver cancer. As it turns out, your liver health is the canary in the coalmine for your overall health. With good liver health, you can look forward to a life of vitality, free of the diseases that so often cause premature death in the western world, such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke and cancer. But before you panic, reversing fatty liver disease is possible – and simple.

In Liver Better Life, gastroenterologist Dr Paul Gow debunks common misconceptions and offers an in-depth insight into how your liver functions and the steps you can take to improve your liver health. Engaging and accessible, Liver Better Life helps you live a better life, without changing your life.