Living Little: Simplicity and Style in a Small Space by Hannah Jenkins (Hardback) – Due in store October 1st


A combination of difficult economic times, a premium on urban space, and the modern trend for living alone means that living in small spaces has become a necessity, as much as a choice. But that needn’t mean living in cramped, unimaginative spaces. Living Little shows how the challenges of small floor plans and compact interiors can be transformed with clever and creative design, the innovative use of technology, and ingenious and stylish solutions.

Be they small or tiny homes, flats, apartments or storefront properties, cottages, shipping-container dwellings, caravans, or cabins, this book is the perfect source of inspiration for those short on space who are yearning for a strong dose of ingenuity and style. AUTHOR: Hannah Jenkins is the editor and writer of several high-profile compilations of global contemporary residential architecture.

Features small houses, apartments, cabins, cottages, narrow boats, and studios by a range of leading architects from around the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Europe Includes professional full-colour photography, complemented by floor plans and a vibrant book design Explores the interior design techniques and latest technology, which make living in small spaces a pleasure rather than a chore

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