Loner by Georgina Young – Our Review


CBCA Book of the year for older readers 2021

Our Review…

Loner by Georgina Young is a fresh voice in fiction. In this coming of age story, we come to see the world through the eyes of ‘Lona’ a young adult and self proclaimed drifter.

Having dropped out of university, Lona works casual jobs and floats through life aimlessly. Often crippled by social interactions, Lona is awkward and anxious, often happier when hiding at home alone.

A sole close friend, a romance with a high achieving bass playing med student and sporadic contact with her parents fill Lona’s days.

In this hilarious and clever book, the author so brilliantly articulates the angst of growing up. The perpetual struggles and high expectations we place on ourselves and the paralysis that often cripples our self-belief.

With themes of art and feminism, Loner is a witty snapshot into a younger self’s inner world and is just perfect for these cold nights at home.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books