Love Marriage by Monica Ali – Our Review


Our Review…

Booker Prize shortlisted author, Monica Ali has crafted this magnificent new book, ‘Love Marriage’ that speaks brilliantly into complex family dynamics, loyalties and the place of individuals within the family structure.

Yasmin Ghorami is training to be a doctor, following in the footsteps of her Indian born father. She is engaged to Joe, who is also a doctor, Joe is white, upper class and the only child of his wild and free feminist mother Harriet.

The two families are vastly different and their coming together is a real collision of family, food, life experiences and culture.
As Joe and Yasmin grow closer to their impending nuptials, family secrets are uncovered and Yasmin begins to recognise a disquiet in her life and future.

Once, Yasmin was happy at her life, she now finds herself introspective at her own identity, dreams and what she really wants in life. While Joe, wrestles with his own sense of security, upbringing and sexual identity.
All the while, both their parents are confronted with change, cultural expectations and the lives that they have dreamed for their children pressing down.

Monica Ali, has the most remarkable prose and her insight into human relationships and the modern world is outstanding. ‘Love Marriage’ is a drama filled, engaging, poignant journey through the messiness of family, love and class as two people seek to become one family.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books