Loveland by Robert Lukins – Our Review


Our Review…

When May’s grandmother dies, she has to fly from her home in Australia to Loveland, Nebraska to claim inheritance of a house left to her in the will. This is her exit from an abusive and controlling husband, and she is as much fleeing his power as she is connecting with her own.

Written in dual timelines, we become captured in the story of May as she escapes the torrent of trauma that has held her down for so long. While we also learn the unfolding and hidden story of her grandmother fleeing with a baby in arms to Australia all those years earlier.

This book is so cleverly written, it is highly emotional and is completely gripping. The author has so incredibly captured the nuances of domestic violence and all it’s complexities and the lives of the two women are mirrored in one another.

It really is a brilliant book that will leave you breathless, a book that is evocative and powerful. One of my favourites so far this year!

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books

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