Loving My Lying, Dying, Cheating Husband: A memoir of a whirlwind romance gone wrong by Kerstin Pilz


Kerstin is childless by choice and married to her job when Gianni, a charming Italian, turns her life into a champagne-coloured fairy tale.

Soon after their runaway wedding, Gianni is diagnosed with cancer and Kerstin becomes his dedicated carer. But when she discovers that he has been cheating on her all through their relationship, she is faced with a difficult choice: walk away, or continue to care for the man who betrayed her. She turns first to wine and then to therapy, eventually ending up in a Buddhist monastery. There she realises that finding a new way of loving her lying, dying husband might offer a chance to grow from her pain rather than be crushed by it – and to avoid liver damage.

Written with wisdom, humour and unfailing kindness, this is a life-affirming tale of one woman’s search for better ways to love, grieve and forgive.