Lucy by the Sea: From the Booker-award winning author Elizabeth Strout (Hardback)- Our Review


From the Pulitzer prize-winning author of MY NAME IS LUCY BARTON

Our Review…

Elizabeth Strout is one of the big names in American literature and if you haven’t come across her writing yet, Lucy by the Sea is a lovely novel to start to explore her writing.

In Lucy by the Sea, we meet up with Lucy Barton, a renowned writer, who is funny, humane and a little self-deprecating. Lucy, who has recently been widowed, has been scooped up by her ex-husband William- a scientist, to isolate in the old Winterbourne cottage in upstate Maine. After New York, it’s pretty much like a foreign country to Lucy, but pragmatically, she knuckles down and despite the boredom, decides to makes the best of it, meeting the neighbours like kindly Bob Burgess at arms length, but also having their car egged and damaged by hostile locals.

This is the chaotic and bewildering start of Covid in New York, where their friends and neighbours are literally dying of the virus. Lucy’s unaware that she’s quietly grieving and that William too may have challenges. Separated from their grown children who are experiencing their own troubles, Strout, makes you deeply care about what happens to this family.

I adore the humanity of Strout’s writing. With every novel she continues to astonish me with the clarity she portrays human beings in all their beauty and their inevitable flaws. This gorgeous contemplative novel is bracing, as well as tender and joyous. A marvellous uplifting read- highly recommended.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books