Mammoth by Chris Flynn – Our Review


Shortlisted for the Indie Book Awards 2021

Our Review:

Mammoth by Chris Flynn, is a unique quirky book full of humour while being littered throughout with profoundly brilliant and relevant thoughts. 

Narrated by an extinct wooly mammoth, having been instinct for 13,000 years who is auctioned off with other prehistoric creatures in New York. 

Mammoth takes us on an incredible journey with other fossils to discover the evolution of science and religion and how these have shaped our own world views. 

Hilarious to read all this from such a strange narrators perspective, but it’s completely engaging and just works wonderfully!

This book is one you can’t put down, a real treat to read in a weekend and be challenged afresh on the impact of climate change and the role humanity plays in this world.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books