Marshmallow by Victoria Hannan – Our Review


Our Review…

‘Kokomo’ by Victoria Hannam was absolutely one of my favourite reads in 2020, so I was rapt to read the author’s latest release.

‘Marshmallow’ is a book about the injustice of grief and the individual impact of trauma, as told through the experience of the characters in the book. It is incredible. It is intense and emotional, and I think what makes it so brilliant is the way the author writes so tangibly of the ripples of grief on each and every page.

Set over the course of two days, the book tells the experience of each character. One year ago, things changed and together the five friends reflect on all that has happened and their own experience of trying to make sense of the unimaginable.

Each person reflecting on their own experience of this tragic incident, in their own words and in their own way.

Be prepared to shed a tear in the most cathartic way. This is a book that will leave you simultaneously a little more broken, and a little more whole. For anyone who has experienced grief this book will resonant deeply and for those who haven’t it will deepen your world. A book that is a true gift.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books