Matrix by Lauren Groff – Our Review


Our Review…

Marie, at seventeen, is far too outspoken and strong willed for a woman in the twelfth century. Marie is unusual, not of marriage material and far too ugly and tall for her to be attractive to any man.

Suddenly, tossed out of the privileged royal life she was born into, Marie is expelled out of the courts into an isolated life at an abbey.

Marie is fierce, bold and powerful as she comes to a place of peace and contentment in her monastic life after initially struggling in this new and vastly different world. From this, she comes into her power and we are captured into a wonderful world of twelfth century life that is so engaging and so incredible and vividly written.

A powerful, breathtaking and beautiful portrayal of the power of women, the sisterhood, and the ferociousness of those that go before us. Thrilling, fascinating and utterly captivating.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books