Max by Avi Duckor-Jones – Our Review


Our Review…

Raw and honest, Max is one of the most tender insightful reads of the year.

It’s the end of Year 12 and Max, who finds solace in his art and surfing, and in company of his wild best friend Fletch, he appears to have it all…good looks, entry into the best colleges, and a caring girlfriend.

Yet beneath it all, his head is frantic and his heart is churning. When an end of year party goes wildly astray, Max’s entire world comes to an abrupt reckoning where he must decide who and what he is, and who he may be allowed and willing to love.

A mighty read, haunting and lyrical, Avi Duckor-Jones portrays boyhood and human sexuality with respect and tenderness, Max was an exceptional novel.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books