Maya’s Notebook by Isabel Allende


Our Review: Maya’s Notebook by Isabel Allende

Maya Vidal’s life has gone seriously off the rails after falling into a life of drugs, crime and prostitution. She’s being pursued by not only by Interpol and the FBI, but also by a very unpleasant crime gang who may very likely murder her.  Only nineteen years of age, her beloved Chilean grandmother decides to secret her away to the most remote part of the world she can dream up, an island off the coast of Chile. Dry eyed at the airport, she hands her a dense notebook, saying ‘You’ve going to have time to get bored Maya. Take advantage of it to write down the monumental stupidities you’ve committed, see if you can come to grips with them’.
This is the basis for the novel. As she travels  across Chile to journey to the island of Chiloe (which really does exist), we learn something of here character- she’s sassy, wild, has a very smart mouth, but is beautiful and kind hearted- in a quirky, street -wise way. Towering above them with blue, purple and blonde hair, a nose ring and stomping boots, the Spanish speaking island locals don’t quite know what to make of her at first. But there in the company of a torture survivor,  her adopted lame dog ‘Fahkeen’- who no-one messes with, and a host of many other unforgettable characters she finds sanctuary and gradually understands the meaning of love and loyalty, she might just have the adventure of her life. This novel is a triumph for Isabelle Allende.  It will definitely please all of her dedicated fans and will certainly draw a younger readership to novels.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books