Me: Elton John by Elton John (Hardback)- Our Review


Our Review:
Sir Elton John is one of those larger than life characters whose illustrious life demands a unique curiosity. One can’t help but wonder who is the real man behind the feathered and flamboyant exterior.

This much anticipated memoir ‘Me’ does not disappoint and is the perfect spring read, indulgently enjoyed in the sunshine while sipping a glass of sparkling.

Each chapter is filled with stories- tales of the rich and famous, from Princess Diana to Freddy Mercury, coupled with stories of the more everyday events of falling in love and becoming a father.

Elton John opens up about his early life, his difficult familial relationships, an incredible career and the struggle faced in accepting one’s sexuality and identity, while battling a long standing substance abuse.

This memoir is candid, open and fascinating, to hear Elton John tell his story is nothing short of magical.
Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books