Meanwhile in Dopamine City by DBC Pierre – Our Review


Our Review…
‘Meanwhile in Dopamine City’ takes out the award for the most unique and unusual book I’ve read this year.

At the outset, the novel tells the story of Lonnie Cush, a single father to two children after his wife has died. Recently laid off as a sewerage worker, Lonnie is trying to provide for his family and make his way in raising his children in ever dominating digital world.

Looming in the background is his mother in law who is vying for custody of the children, Lonnie living with this ever lingering threat.

At 9, Shelby-Ann is just a little girl so why is so she insistent on the need for a smart phone? Giving into pressure, Lonnie fulfils his daughters wishes but continues to hold this uncomfortable tension at doing so.

Incredibly the book is written in two columns, the main narrative in the left coupled with an external mainstream media dialogue in the right. As you read the novel, it’s almost as though it mirrors the interjection that social media plays in our daily lives.

Quirky, satirical and poignant, like nothing else I’ve read, a complete experience.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books