Milk Fed by Melissa Broder – Our Review


Our Review…

Milk Fed is a quirky, clever and funny new book about unquenchable desire, for Rachel this is a primal deep and desperate hunger for food, sex and spirituality.

At 24, Rachel’s life is a bit of a struggle, by day she is merely subsisting in a mediocre work for a management agency in Los Angeles. Privately she is completely obsessed and occupied by calories, how to count them, minimise them and cull their effect on her physique which takes up every ounce of her thoughts.

A lapsed Jew, Rachel has made calorie restriction her religion after learning the art of control from a young age. She learnt from the very best; her mother. Recognising their dysfunctional mother daughter relationship, Rachel’s psychologist suggests a ninety-day detox in communication.

At the beginning of this detox, Rachel meets Miriam, a chubby orthodox Jewish woman who works at her favourite frozen yoghurt bar and appears to be obsessed with over feeding her.

Rachel falls hard and fast for Miriam, as she finds a sense of acceptance, community and love. All of Rachel’s carefully crafted rules unravel as her erotic self is uncovered and she comes along for the ride.

A fabulously tender and emotional book about what we are all being fed, and how to recognise it.

Review by Lydia @ Great Escape Books