Monster Island by George Ivanoff – Our Review


Our Review…

Dinosaurs still roam on this masked island hidden from view in Bass Strait. Bernie totally doesn’t buy into his mums evasive answers about her completely top secret new research job, and is completely unimpressed about being fobbed off at being left behind with his aunt. So, he does what any sensible 13 year old would do, and jumps into the trunk of the car and smuggles himself on board the high powered boat to the islands secret location in the Bass Strait Bermuda triangle. On board he meets Ivy, who becomes his partner in crime and together they discover not only are dinosaurs real, but other previously extinct animals and creatures from legend roam.

Fantastical and action packed, your kids will be thrilled with this new fun adventure from George Ivanoff who manages to pack in dollops of science and heaps of humour as well. An absolute winner of a middle fiction read for ages 7-11 years.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books