Moonlite: The Tragic Love Story of Captain Moonlite and the Bloody End of the Bushrangers by Garry Linnell – Our Review


Our Review…

Moonlite plunges straight into the heart of issues plaguing the new colony of Sydney as the States executioner paces his cottage, fretting and mulling over whether he has prepared everything correctly for the controversial upcoming hanging of Irishman George Scott – known as the bushranger Captain Moonlite.

Moonlite emerges as a complex passionate lover of life, educated in the arts and poetry, he is charismatic and touched by brilliance, but also plagued with moments of madness and extreme behaviour. His great love is a gentle soul he met in a stint in Barwon Prison – a young convict named James Nesbitt.

Knowing his own soul cannot be saved, George Scott is desperate to clear his worthy young lovers name. It is through Scott’s many letters written in his last days in prison that author Garry Linnell expertly draws upon to paint a fresh new portrait of the complexities facing Australian society as they try to move away from a wildly lawless past that celebrates outcasts such as bushrangers, to one that is more even handed in dispensation of law, order and justice.

Atmospheric and extremely compelling, the freshness of the dialogue and depiction of the remarkable characters of this turning point in piece of Australian history makes this a fascinating and highly worthwhile read.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books